Going, Non-Stop

It has been a busy month with starting school and figuring what works and what doesn’t work. Unfortunately, my lap top is still not working properly. I need to get a new battery for it even though I ordered a new one not that long ago.

We’ve been doing school everyday since I started so far and it’s been going surprisingly well! We learned about the Earth; how/why the wind blows, clouds and what the different kinds of clouds are called and how some clouds are actually ice! Did you know that? We learned about the water cycle, as well as volcanoes and earthquakes.

We’ve been going through her horse encyclopedia. This book has been quite wonderful to read through because it is very descriptive, as well has having very pretty pictures. It explains how you can tell around how old a horse is, the different breeds of horses as well as whether they’re cold-blooded, hot-blooded, or warm-blooded, the differences in their colors and what the specific colors and markings are called, the difference between a horse and pony, and it also goes through and says where the different breeds of horses and ponies originate from! I really enjoy reading this book to her!

Another book we’ve been reading is Ancient Rome! I love Italy!!!!! I have wanted to visit and tour Italy for as long as I can remember. Truth be told, I’m probably more excited about this book than she is but that is quite alright with me. In this book we’ve been learning a bunch of different things throughout the Roman Empire. Did you know that when the Roman government first worked out their rules there was no word for “emperor”? It wasn’t until Augustus that they started electing emperors. Did you also know that it’s because of Augustus that the eighth month is called August? It was originally “Sextilis” but because of all the great things Augustus did they changed it in 27 BC!!! I find all this stuff fascinating and could probably go on forever!!!

She’s been doing so wonderful with her math, reading, and writing!!! She enjoys her math a lot more than her reading. Her writing is becoming more and more neater thanks to this italic handwriting book my mother-in-law got for her.

We also have the first book of the Circle C Adventures almost done, including the activity book and the lap book that goes along with it. Perhaps on Monday, since I doubt we’ll be doing any school, (except maybe just to explain to her what Labor Day is and why we “celebrate” it) I’ll make some sugar cookies with her and try out the recipe that is in the Circle C activity book. It looks fairly easy and Momma sure does love cookies!!

One day, when we went to the library, Kamryn saw this book that had a butterfly on the front of it. She held it up to me and asked me if we could borrow this one. I looked at it, Wildlife At Your Backdoor, and figured why not, it could be fun. It was definitely interesting. It goes through and informs you of how to have a wildlife friendly garden/area to help encourage all the different wildlife which in turns helps and encourages your garden. It also has a couple little Do-It-Yourself instructions. How to build different nesting boxes for bird and even a bat box!! I would love to be able to make some, if not all, of these with her and help encourage the different animals to come visit our little garden.

Speaking of gardens, the birds having been gobbling up the seeds I’ve been putting in the bird feeder, which is making me have to fill it back up every couple of days. I don’t mind that of course because they are so peaceful to watch, as long as you can sit still long enough for them to come over to it.

I finally got to pick my Sweet Passion American Melon!!!

It wasn’t very big and looks, as well as smells, very similar to a cantaloupe. It has a similar taste to a cantaloupe but I would say is just a little more sweeter.

The color is more of a pinkish-orange rather than orange in comparison with the cantaloupe. Either way, it was a pretty looking, good tasting fruit.

All in all, it has been quite an informative, packed-full-of-learning kind of month. I am rather enjoying homeschooling my daughter. This may sound a little selfish of me to say, but it’s nice knowing that everything she’s learning is because of me and not someone who doesn’t really know her and who I don’t really know. It’s also fun to be able to learn new things, or have a little bit of a refresher course right alongside with her.

What have you been learning/teaching about? Did you learn something new that you didn’t know before or that you might have forgotten?

I would love to hear from you and I am very thankful you took the time to read this!! Don’t forget to subscribe to receive news and updates from me!!

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