I Cannot Believe It!!

I cannot believe that I made it through my first week (half a week since I started Wednesday) of homeschooling!! It was not bad at all and the schedule I originally made for her only got changed just a little bit. Since she does her Reading Eggs in the morning before I start I other schooling, I decided to let her do her Math Seeds after I’m done with her other schooling. This way, she’s not on the laptop for a long period of time.

Kamryn had a math quiz today and she likes to have me sit with her when she takes her quizzes. I was absolutely impressed and proud of her! She got 14 out of 15 correct on her first math quiz!!! She told me earlier today that she likes doing her math more than she likes doing her reading. Honestly, I don’t care which one she likes better than the other because she has been doing a fantastic job with both of them. I couldn’t even begin to tell you just how many times over these past few days I told her that I was so very proud of her. She is turning into quite the young learner.

Yesterday, we started on a lap book. It was quite fun because it wasn’t something that got done in one day. It’s part of the Circle C Beginnings activities book and for the “Day 2” schedule that’s what it told us to do.

All we did on it was the little About The Book “flower” that you can see on the top left corner of the red folder. Kamryn wrote in the corresponding “petals”: the author, the illustrator, the publisher, what the age range is, the copyright, and the series name!

Later that day we had a little bit of shower storm. It didn’t last very long and the sun came out almost immediately. Nate took Klaire and stood right at the door and said that there was a rainbow right outside! Sure enough, when I got up to go look, there it was. Right across the street from us!!!

We had a storm a couple of weeks ago that was the same as this one, except we could clearly see where the rainbow ended which was in our neighbor’s yard!! Not only was it in our neighbor’s yard, but there was another rainbow on top of it!! We had a double rainbow right out front of house!!! It was such a beautiful sight to see!

Isn’t that just beautiful?! You can see the double rainbow better in the second picture but they are both just so….BEAUTIFUL!!!

Now, having a girl means you have to be willing to paint some nails from time to time. After seeing that rainbow yesterday, Kamryn wanted me to do a rainbow design on her nails. Challenge accepted. I put a white base coat on and then proceeded to do her nails rainbow-colored.

What do you think? Was I successful? I used a cosmetic sponge and was able to blend the colors so they weren’t just lines. Her pinkies are red, orange, and yellow. Her ring fingers are orange, yellow and green. Her middle fingers are yellow, green and blue. Her index fingers are green, blue and a darker blue. And her thumbs are blue, the darker blue and purple. I think they came out very nicely and she absolutely loves them! Score for Mommy!!

On a different note, my neighbors have been giving me their plastic bags and I have been asking for stores to double bag my groceries. I’m happy to announce that I am FULL of plastic bags for the time being so I started making another plastic bag last night. I haven’t gotten too far yet because it’s been a little on the busier side today but it is Friday, and I’m sure I will be working on it quite a bit this weekend. I might even finish it this weekend.

What are your plans for this weekend? Did you do anything fun throughout this week? I would love to hear from you!!!

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I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend!!!!

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