I Took The Leap…

I posted yesterday that school was starting soon and also that I was trying to figure out a schedule and once I voiced it out loud with Nate, it sounded like a pretty good schedule. So I took the leap and decided today was the day! Since Klaire is almost 10 months she still requires frequent naps. She usually takes one between 10 and 11 and I decided that would probably be the best time to get some schooling done. Here’s how I decided to schedule Kamryn’s school day out:

Morning: After breakfast and getting changed I had her work on her independent reading. She has been learning so much from ReadingsEggs.com and right now they are having a free trial! Our free trial ends in a day but we will definitely be getting the membership. In a matter of a month Kamryn has been able to read short, easy sentences and sound out her words too! They also send you, the parent, a progress report via email as well as whether they passed their quiz or not, how well they did on their quiz, and what they learned throughout that map. If you have a young child, as young as 3, I would absolutely recommend trying it out. It has been wonderful!

Late Morning/Early Afternoon: After I put Klaire down for a nap, I do a fun reading time from the Circle C Adventures series. They are wholesome books complete with a schedule to help plan out your days so you don’t have to just read everyday, lap-books and the pages that go with them,  and an activity book that you ask your child questions and they answer them (almost like a chapter by chapter quiz). Right now we’re reading the Circle C Beginnings series. The one thing that really appealed to me about this series was as you read the different series, and as you grow, the characters grow up also. It’s a little complicated to explain, but if you click on the link above, Circle C Adventures, you’ll probably understand a little better.

I pulled out the Horse and Pony Encyclopedia that Deanna got for Kamryn as a birthday present and we went through the first couple pages of that. She’s really into horses right now and she wants to learn all she can about them which is absolutely fine by me.

Afternoon: I decided to start teaching about the Earth. I recently got a book, Smithsonian Earth, so that’s what were reading out of. It’s definitely a little more informative and uses words a little harder to understand for someone Kamryn’s age but it’s fairly interesting, even for me.

After we went through the learning and teaching I wanted to do something a little more “hands on” for her. Something different but fun, or so I thought.

I have this book, The Girl’s Book Of Adventure, which has so many awesome and neat ideas in there that are designed to help girls learn different skills and has lots of how-to-do crafts and projects. As I was paging through the book I came upon a way to make a woven pot using newspaper. Well that’s cool and we have plenty of newspaper so why not give it a try. I called up my neighbor and asked if she wanted to bring her kids over and we can turn it into a craft day.

Well it turned out to be a little harder for the kiddos than we thought it was going to be. We both ended up helping (more like doing it ourselves) all the kids cause it was harder to start the weaving for them.

We made it through getting the initial “box” woven out for all the kids so we were ready to move onto the next step. That was a lot harder for the kids to do and we ended up doing them ourselves. Needless to say, we couldn’t really understand it either and eventually gave up. Well I did for the time being.

After having a little bit of a break, and getting some food, I decided to try it again. I still had the base part done and just needed to figure out how to work it around to make a pot. It surely sounds a lot easier than it actually was. I ended up taking everything but the base part (that was taped thankfully) apart and redoing it about 4 or 5 times.

Needless to say I would need to start over completely and redo the whole entire thing because I got to a point where I wasn’t able to weave anything anymore and it’s….lopsided to say the least lol. I will say, it is an awesome concept, making a little basket/pot out of newspaper but it was definitely harder than both me and Jess thought it was going to be.

Apart from the woven pot we had a really good day today and I feel extremely accomplished.

Did you work on a new project today? How did it go for you? I would love to hear from you!

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  1. She’s always been smart, and has been learning so much the past few years by playing and co-op. She’s going to do so great with her reading and math and other fun learning!

    Homeschool rocks!

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