I’ve Got A “How To” For You!!

Well, first things first, I’m sorry it’s been a few days since I last posted. My internet has been on the fritz and they finally sent someone out yesterday. It took them quite a while to figure out what was wrong but hopefully now it’s fixed.

Now, on to the good stuff!!

I’m making another recycled, reusable grocery bag and I decided to take picture of the steps to take for making Plarn! And here it is!!!!

First, take your bag and flatten it out. Straighten out the corners and what not.


Next, you want to take the bag and fold it in half.                                 And then fold it in half again.


Then, you want to cut off the bottom bit and then cut off the top (handles).   Then, cut it into about 1 inch strips.

Here I used two different colored pieces just to help show you these next steps. Unfold the strips of plastic bag so you’ve got a completed circle. Don’t worry if it rips, you can just tie them back together!!

Overlap them.


Now hopefully these two steps are not too confusing, take whichever bag is on the bottom and fold it up and over the over piece and back towards itself creating a loop.


Once you’ve got your loop correctly, you just continue to pull until it’s tight. Try not to pull too hard as you will rip the bag. (I’ve done this many times. It is frustrating but, again, you can always just tie them back together.)

And there you have it!!! Continue to attach the bags to each for however long you need to make your Plarn. Don’t worry about whether or not you have too little because you can always cut, tie, and add more to it. I have to do that plenty of times throughout these projects.


How did you do? I know the first time I did it, I couldn’t get the “tying them together” part right. But, after a couple of tries, I finally got it and now I’m a Plarn making beast!!!

What kind of projects are you going to make with your Plarn? Or what kind of projects would you like to make using your Plarn?

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