The Dreary Holiday

It’s Columbus Day and we’re going to take a day off homeschooling today. I might just explain to Kamryn why we’re not doing school today and perhaps might even go a step further and teach her who Christopher Columbus was and what he did.

Hurricane Nate (isn’t that funny since my husband’s name is Nate?!) has hit us here in Pennsylvania but thankfully it’s just a lot of wind and a lot of rain. Unfortunately, however, the high winds knocked over our closed umbrella and the table it sits in which was a little bit of a pain to pick back up and fix in the rain but I managed.

So, now comes the problem of what we’re going to do today. My birthday was on Saturday and my one sister-in-law thought it would be a good idea to get me this Winnie the Pooh crochet set.

First, let me just say I LOVE Eeyore! He is my absolute favorite Winnie the Pooh character! He might even be my favorite character of all time!! I was super surprised when I got this from her because it was not what I expected but it is totally something that is so…ME!! I already have a few plans as to how and what I want to do with this set and I cannot wait to dig in. This is quite possibly something that I might start working on today.

I have recently begun getting into nails. I’ve been doing my own full-set and painting them also. My neighbor fell in love with the one design I did on my own nails and asked if I would be willing to do hers. I was hesitant at first because I am by no means a professional nail technician and I didn’t want them to turn out looking horrible.

This is what my nails currently look like.

I haven’t finished them yet because I’m not sure what else I want to do with them.

And this is what my neighbors nails now look like

She told me she absolutely loves them and thinks I should pursue a career as a nail technician. What are your thoughts?

I am the kind of person that is never….”happy”. I like trying new things and testing my limits and seeing what I can do and what I can master. I have 100% mastered crocheting. I have mostly mastered the homeschooling-stay-at-home mom. I have mastered other things and perhaps this is my next project to master.

My poor husband must be getting annoyed with all the different projects or new things I have tried, wanted to try, and are currently trying.

So, I am going to ask you all. What do you think? Should I try to pursue a career as a nail technician or just continue doing what I’m doing and let it be nothing more than a hobby?

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  1. I think you have already learned alot doing it on your own, and with training you’d be great at it! You could become a professional, and work on your own doing bridal nails etc, so that you could keep homeschooling, and still earn some income!

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