Today Is The First

Today marks the first day of Kamryn’s Co-op season. It’s going to be weird not doing school with her because, apart from holidays and weekends, we have been doing very good and doing school every day. We’re still reading from the Horse and Pony Encyclopedia as well as Ancient Rome. We finished the first Circle C Beginnings book, Andi’s Pony Trouble a couple of days ago and have since started the second book, Andi’s Indian Summer. 

We also finished the lap-book for the first book and that is the red one on the left. We have begun the second lap-book already and it’s coming together very…cutely. These books are really fun to read and you get the whole literature set it spaces everything out so that it ends up taking about 24 days to complete the book, the activity pages, and the lap-book. I would say well worth the time and effort.

My projects, however, have been a little lacking. I need to try to figure out a happy medium between schooling, cleaning, cooking, taking care of the kids (and husband) and doing my projects.

One thing that I would like to try to do is to make lap-book pages of my own to go with the Horse and Pony Encyclopedia and the Ancient Rome books that we have been reading. I’m not quite sure yet as to how I am going to go about doing them but I know that if I try I will definitely get it done!

Do your kids go do a Co-op? If so, have they started yet or are they going to be starting soon? I would love to hear from you and don’t forget to subscribe to receive news and updates from me!

I hope you have a great day and an even better weekend!!

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