Two Years Strong And Still Going

Yesterday marked our two-year anniversary of being married as well as our 8 year anniversary of being together.

We met shortly after my mom passed away. Truth be told, it was because of my mom’s death that I even met Nate. That was a very hard time in my life and meeting him, getting to know him, and then dating him was, in search of better words, a very welcome distraction. As we continued to get to know each other and further our relationship, our bond got that much stronger. He was not only my boyfriend but he was my rock. He helped me get through that hard time and he continues to do so at every hardship that comes either my way or our way.

So, what did I do yesterday as a special surprise for wonderfully, amazing husband? Well I decided to get dressed up a little bit. (I originally planned to put my wedding dress on but after talk with my neighbor, decided against it…this time 😉 perhaps in the future though!) I did my make up also.

If you notice, I am wearing the necklace I wore on our wedding day!!

And planned out this amazingly delicious Mexican food bar type thing! Nate is totally all into that kind of food. Of course when I asked him what his favorite food is, he didn’t have an answer and instead asked if he could tell me what he didn’t like cause it was definitely a way shorter list. What a goober right?!?!

I made taco beef, my awesome, delicious chicken enchiladas, I found a copy-cat recipe for Chili’s steak and shrimp fajitas. So if you’re keeping track, that’s four, yes, four different kinds of meat. I also made some guacamole, cut up some fresh lettuce as well as tomatoes, and had some salsa and sour cream at the ready. I fried up some tortillas to be similar to hard taco shells and warmed up the rest of the tortillas.

And the result is this………

This is the copy-cat version of Chili’s steak and shrimp fajitas!!!

These are the amazingly, wonderfully delicious chicken enchiladas that are always gone before I can get a picture of them!!! Luckily, he wasn’t home from work yet so I was able to grab a few photos!!

And the end result was two, very full stomachs filled with very good, very delicious food!!

I did not, however, make dessert because the day before I made some amazingly soft sugar cookies. They were that soft that when I went to hand one to Nate, it broke, fell to ground, and kind of sort of exploded all the floor!!!

Man oh man were they delicious though!!! I got the recipe out of Kamryn’s Circle C Beginnings activity book!

Did all this talk of food make your mouth water? How about when you looked at the pictures?

Do you have a special day coming up? If so, do you have a surprise in store for that special someone?

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