Who’s Pickin’ What?

This year, for my garden, I was a little bit of a procrastinator (lazy!!!!) about getting my veggies planted. I did not plant nearly as many veggies as I wanted, or hoped, to plant. Not only that, but these weeds this year were just horrible!!! One day, I’m weeding and getting all the unwanted out of the veggie garden, and the next…well, it just felt like I didn’t do anything! Now, I’ve just put it off until the season is over and I’ll pull up everything.

My garden out front, however, is doing fantastic!!! I’ve been getting cucumbers left and right. Two our of the three melons that were growing died off but the is getting so big and I’m hoping (expecting!!!) it to be ripe very soon!!!

With a name like Sweet Passion Melon, I just cannot wait to try it!!

Here are those Black Vernissage Tomatoes I was talking about in previous posts!! They don’t look very black to me but I really LOVE the coloring on them. For someone who does not really eat tomatoes just plain, these were so very, VERY tasty little tomatoes!!!!

Here are some of the cucumbers I have picked as well as one lonely apple. I did not know it when we first moved in, but we have an apple tree in our front yard!!! We don’t get very many apples from it because those little caterpillars that like to make webs decide to take over the tree itself and prevent certain areas from producing any fruit.

I also have a bird feeder on the edge of my front garden and I love watching the birds come and get there fill of the seeds. Those Gold Finches are especially beautiful!!!

They also like the sunflower seeds, as you can see by the one head having only a little patch of seeds left in the middle of it.


Now, here is where I need your help…as you can see in the one picture above, some of my cucumbers have been turning an orangish color. I haven’t the slightest idea why.

I would really appreciate a little help on solving this little problem/question of mine.

If you do happen to know what causes this, would you also happen to know how I can help correct it?

I would love to hear from you on your thoughts or questions!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post!

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